I’ve spent the last few days of my life at Nike Migration. Some of it involved amazing free food. Most of it was time I can not get back. If you care about Migration, check back later and maybe I’ll write something, or better yet, read my intern’s blog. It’s way funnier than what I would come up with anyway. INTERN BLOG HERE

For now though, I will just touch on my favorite part of migration which was puppies!


I have no idea who this guy is, but he has tats and is drinking Busch. He must be extreme!


This was by far the cutest puppy. I thought about buying him off the dude, but he’d recently been swimming in the Willamette so I am pretty sure he had some sort of disease.


This is Gus. He belongs to Silas but I often think about stealing him. I mean, he likes beer! We have so much in common.


Oh yeah and this is the St John’s Bridge. It was sort of neat to be under it instead of using it to drive to Pier Park or googling to see how tall is it (205 ft fyi). And I thought this was a neat picture.

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