O Summer, Where Art Thou?

Dear Summer,

Technically you were supposed to start on June 21st. I would have been nice if you started early, and acceptable if you waited until July 4th because this is Oregon, and we’re used to that. But cold and rainy on July 18, 19th and 21st is really not going to work. You see, this is easily the busiest week of the summer snowboarding season at Mt. Hood. I’m not sure exactly why so many events have been packed into this session, but everyone is up here trying to get things done.

The rain on Tuesday was ok, I guess, though it was a bummer for the shop dudes who came from all over to test out Nike Boots from the future in the 2012 wear test. We made the best of it though, with a little afternoon drinking at the Rat, during which time we were able to convince Jesse Burtner to have a grown-up premiere of Ransack Rebellion. That lead to a night of drinking at the Rat, and a who’s who of snowboarding, including ender-haver Nick Visconti, got a sneak peak of the movie. It was good. Like real good, and while it was running, we all forgot about the miserable weather outside. (The whiskey helped too.)

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Then on Wednesday, you kept the clouds low enough that the campers could finally get some real riding in. POW’s first annual Golf/Snowboarding tournament happened, as well as the Mt. Hood edition of Boxes for Days. We really appreciated that, as did the High Cascade campers who tried to get the most-tech on the super long box set up and win boards, beanies, wax and more. Bananas were flying, Burter was emceeing, kids left with snowboards and someone even scored a Poler tent. Really, every one won.

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Would it have been so much to ask for another nice day today (Thursday, Day 6, Day 5, depending on where you are)? We don’t really care about the events that were put off today, but we do feel bad for the snowboard campers who paid $200 to see Harry Potter at Sandy Cinema, again. Oh yeah, and we’re doing our Frozen T-Shirt contest webcast from Windells tonight at 8. I mean, we can do it inside BOB, but it’s so much nicer out in the fresh air. Just saying…

Look at what the rain has forced the dudes at the DC house to do!?

So look, you have one-two more days this session to make it up to us. On Friday our friends at Homeschool Snowboarding are having a Method contest. It’s gonna be in the public park, which means you have to give us 100% sunshine. No low lying clouds, no fog, no rain. Just sun. I promise, we’ll take advantage of it and be forever grateful. No more rain days though, this is getting old. Don’t make us just skip back to winter again and jump a plane to South America.



  1. Ladyflinstone

    I’ll be bringing the sunshine next week. 🙂

  2. Thirsty Convoy

    We like beer.

  3. southern fried

    Video of the year

  4. snowbro70

    Walsh and Hawes heavy makeout sesh?

  5. Gary Milton

    Aaron Robinson memorial lap tomorrow in the sun. Meet at the top of Palmer at 1!

  6. Toby

    I watched “O Brother” the other day. Coincidence? I think not

  7. ble

    pretty nice in tahoe….

  8. nick

    nice and sunny up here at crystal…tons of snow still on the northern aspects. a little work and some nice lines can be had…screw the hoopla of hood.

  9. Karma

    To retool a popular idea: if you don’t like getting wet, then stay out of the pool. Yeah it’s a bummer that Mt. Hood gets clouds and rain in the summer and it totally kills the window that most tourists have to spend riding, but then again…it’s the middle of July and you get to snowboarding. Most people have to work long, hard hours during these months to even afford themselves a winter, and even then they are still probably working long hours to maintain it. Far be it for me to discredit your complaint, people do spend alot of money to play here (how much does a week through Windells or HCSC run nowadays?) and having that time spent otherwise may seem like waste of that money. But if you pay your money you take your chances too. There are a thousands of people out there that dream to have access to what you so dismissively consider marginal conditions, so please do them a favor and keep the bitching to a minimum.

    P.S. Kudos on honoring Aaron Robinson, this community is so compact and the loss of one is a loss to all.

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