Coupon Lessons for Ben

With no job or aspirations, Ben Graham took an extra interest in my new couponing hobby. Well, first he talked a bunch of shit, and then he asked me to take him with me. Since Ben is helpless like a small child, I agreed and asked him what he wanted to buy. “I don’t know, yummy food,” he said. Helpful. We’d settled on Albertsons (the best deals were there this week), so I prepped a good trip full of bachelor food, and we were off.

There were a few catalina offers this week, so we did two transactions for him.

Transaction #1:

4 cans of Healthy Choice Soup (Regular $2.99, On sale $1 – $1/2 coupon + $1 back = $.25 each)

4 boxes of Cheerios (Regular $4.59, on sale $2.50 – $1/2 coupon + $2 back = $1.50 each)

3 packages of Knorr sides (Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

Total OOP $13 (with $4 back in catalinas) — 64% savings.

Transaction #2:

2lbs of Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese (Regular $9.99, on sale $8.49 – in ad coupon = $4.99 total)

4 Marie Calendars Frozen Dinners (Regular $4.99, on sale $1.88 – $1/2 coupon = $1.38 each)

Then we used the $4 catalinas from the last transaction so total OOP was $6.51– 78% savings.

I did one final transaction for myself, where I picked up:

1 package of Tully’s Coffee (Regular $10.59, on sale $5.99 – $1 in ad coupon – $1.50 coupon = $3.49… wanted to get two but they were wiped out)

3 Knorr sides ((Regular 1.89, on sale $1 (no coupons) + $1 back= $.66 each)

I paid $6.49 (62% savings)  and have a dollar to use next time.

Overall a successful trip with stuff that will actually be useful. Ben seemed very impressed and actually uttered “I can’t believe it” a few times while were checking out, but I told him next time he was on his own and had to get his own coupons, so somehow I doubt he’ll ever do it again.


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