Savings vs. Addiction

Yesterday I realized I may have a problem. We were in Troutdale to go to the outlets (scored a pair of my favorite Levis corduroys for $15!) and Jared wanted to go to Harbor Freight. On the way, we passed an Albertsons and I literally slammed on the brakes and turned into the lot to see if I could grab another package of Tully’s Coffee while the sale was still going on. They had plenty and I used my other coupon, plus the catalina from my last trip to get a bag for $2.49.

This is obviously a really good deal on coffee that is normally $10.49, but the reality is, I am shopping way more now than I ever used to. I decided maybe it was time to do some addition and sure enough, I’m spending more on groceries now than I did pre-couponing. Granted I have WAY more stuff, and we’re eating out less because there’s always food in the house, so overall it’s probably a wash, but I decided it was time for a budget.

I now have an envelope with $100 cash that is my couponing budget for the month. Hopefully it will keep me in line, however, definitely gonna hit Fred Meyer later to get free pens and some soy milk for $.67.

  1. Rachel

    This is profound.

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