Stocked Up – Target and Safeway 7-23-11

It took three trips to different Targets, but I finally found the kitty litter deal I was after this week. Of course, they were out of all the other freebees I had coupons for (Bic pens and Bengay) but whatever. My cats will now poop in pleasure as I picked up 80lbs of Arm and Hammer cat litter.

The breakdown:

Regular price $15.29, On sale for $13 – $1.50 coupon = $11.50 each plus a $5 gift card for buying too. I spent $23 OOP, but now have $5 to spend on the next deal. And while I was in the checkout lane I scoped Advil pocket packs on clearance for $1.28. I had a couple two dollars off any Advil coupons, which means I got two for free, just like that.

My second trip of the day was to Safeway and let me just say, the deals at Safeway SUCK this week. I almost skipped it all together but there were a few Catalina offers that seemed worth it. I got:

4 18 packs of Playtex Gentle Glide tampons (Regular price $4.99- coupon $1.50/1, $1/1, $2.50/2 – $1 safeway doubler = Total 13.96 or $3.49 a box, but wait there’s more! I bought four boxes to get a $6 catalina, which means I actually spent $1.99 a box)

6 boxes of Hamburger Helper (Regular price 1.89, on sale 1.69 – instore coupon $.99 each – (2) .75/3 – $ 1 Safeway doubler = $.57 each but there’s more, I also got a $2 off my next humburger, chicken or tuna purchase to it’s like I paid $.24 each)

My out of pocket on this trip was $17.40 or a 44% savings, but the next trip I make is gonna be awesome with $8 in free money in my pocket.

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