Why Facebook Likes (still) Don’t Matter

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I recently did a little stint at a big corporation. For the sake of keeping it tight, I won’t say who it was. Anyway, one of the big “initiatives” was gaining Facebook likes. Having a lot of fans, after all, greatly increases your ability to spam them with your messages. Anyway, all sorts of different methods were used, from advertising, to posting quality content, to actually responding to people. And it worked, they got lots of likes.

But ever since last week’s Kitchen Nightmares seemingly ruined any chance of Amy’s Baking Company succeeding, the impending facebook melt down and ultimate social media faux pas has been quite entertaining. But you know, life can’t be all fun and games, so what serious lessons can we learn from this.

1. They went from 200 fans to 50k over night. So those pesky buggers are not always a good thing.

2. In the short term, a whole lot of people now know about some random restaurant in Scottsdale, and while it may seem horrible, people love to visit places they’ve heard about!

3. Nah fuck it, lets all just laugh at Facebook.

And don’t feel bad for them, maybe they’re marketing geniuses. Or FOX is behind the “hack.”

  1. I love that they are saying they were hacked and that they would never post that stuff.

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