Hump Day Halloween Spectacular

Party Time Nate as “The Hoff”

Halloween is this Sunday. Do you have your costume picked out yet? If you’re like me, probably not, and on Saturday you’ll schlep on over to Goodwill and end up with whatever ridiculous getup is leftover. But this year, why not plan ahead a little bit (seriously at this point it’s only a couple days) and figure out what to be right now! To help, Party Time Nate donned several costumes made almost entirely out of snowboard gear you may very well already have, or at least if you have to buy, you’ll be able to use again before next Halloween. So this weekend, don’t settle for the same half-assed costume, break out your gear and get creative.

Costume Idea 1: Canadian

To complete the Canadian look, you’ll simply need to don all denim (a Canadian tuxedo, of course) and a Canadian flag. Put a tooque on your head, and you’re good to go. In this look, Nate is wearing the 686/Levis 3-Ply Jacket with Holden Stella Denim pants, and a handmade YoBeat beanie. We made the flag with colored pencils and a piece of white cardboard. If you really want to make this look official, we suggest drinking Kokanee rather than Hamms.

Costume Idea 2: Jed Anderson

Yeah sure, you could go as an unnamed “snowboarder,” but isn’t more fun to go as a specific snowboarder, such as Jed Anderson? Chances are, you already have this look dialed as Jed is easily the most imitated rider this season, but if not, here’s what you’ll need. A helmet (doesn’t matter what brand cause Jed doesn’t have a helmet sponsor, but Nate is wearing a Bern Berkeley) a hoodie so you can put your hood over your helmet, Ashbury Goggles, Nike Boots, and some nice tight pants. Please note, Nate is still wearing the same Holden women’s pants, but if you want to make it official, you’ll really need The Sissy Pant from Airblaster. And yes, dressing as Jed Anderson also counts as dressing as a Canadian.

Costume Idea 3: Scuba Diver

Put your base layer to use for this extremely comfortable costume. All that really matters is it’s tight and black, but to create this look Nate donned some women’s underwear. He’s got the DAKINE Realm 1/4 zip and Realm pant. His hood is actually the Coal U.H.B. and then a regular old mask and snorkel complete the look. Simple.

Costume Idea #4: Lumber Jack

You know you wanted a plaid jacket for this season, and here’s the perfect excuse to get one. Pair it with some jeans and a nice warm beanie, make an axe (they probably won’t let you in anywhere with a real one) and boom, you’re ready for action. Of course, Nate is wearing the Holden Women’s Matador Jacket so if you want to be a real lumberjack, something more manly might in order. The Spacecraft Watchman beanie completes the look.

Costume Idea #5: Rocker Dude

What better way to be metal this Halloween than with a YoBeat Bathory T? Nate’s headband is actually the belt from that Holden Matador jacket, and he’s still got on women’s pants, but any tight jeans will do.

Halloween Costume Idea #6: Mummy

The Airblaster Tereclava may very well be the most useful item you could get for Halloween. Here it is paired with a basic bathrobe and just like that, Nate is a super scary mummy.

Halloween Costume Idea #7: Sheep

See what we mean about the Tereclava? Add some ears and Nate is a sheep!

Costume Idea #8: Wrestler

Spacecraft definitely makes some zany facemasks, and the Tron Mask is a must have if you want to be a wrestler. Add some long underwear bottoms and take your liners out of you boots to make stylish wrestling shoes, and you’re set.

Costume Idea #9: Biker

Leather is hot for 2011, and with a few accessories, your faux-leather snowboard coat can turn you into the most badass biker on the block. Nate is rocking the Holden Motorcycle jacket with the same Stella Denim pant (although if you wanna go all out, some Leather pants such as the Strummer would be key) and the look is completed with a DAKINE Convertible Balaclava “converted” into a doo-rag. Add some Ashbury Day tripper shades for that extra badass element and ain’t no one gonna fuck with you.

Costume Idea #10: Astronaut

If you’re of the snow thug persuasion, or were a couple years ago, you can turn your over-sized snowboard gear into a spacesuit with little effort. The keys to making this costume work are less in the outerwear itself (Nate is rocking a two-year-old Holden Wallace Jacket and Bonfire Radiant Pant and you could certainly improve on the color combos) but the real kicker (no pun intended) is wearing your snowboard boots. While Nate has on the Nike Zoom Force One’s a pair of the DK Double Tongue’s would really set this look off. As for his helmet, it’s an old kitty litter bucket. Again, you could probably do better.

That’s all we came up with, but there are plenty more. This year, put in a little effort and maybe you’ll even win a gift certificate or something for how bitchin’ your costume is. Happy Halloween!

  1. I love that Nate is pantomiming a steering wheel for “biker”

  2. I believe you meant Sunday. Halloween is Sunday.

  3. shit fixed. i’m not good at calendars. what year is it?

  4. Jimbo I think he’s on the throttle of a kickass tricycle… The do rag makes him look like John travolta in “wild hogs”

  5. Eli_Hays

    Its set then. I’ma be a lumberjack this Halloween…

  6. d smith

    hahahaha. just made my day. nate your ridiculous

  7. HAHA Nate you rock! I love the wrestler (first off Nate with his shirt off should happen more often) and the Astronaut!

  8. guhh

    Is Shay hitting on Nate??? Lipton’s gonna be sooo jealous!

  9. Sarah

    personally, i think the sheep is a good look for nate. you should wear that more often

  10. WTF is the sheep doing in a rabbit pose?

    You Yobeaters need to learn your bugs.

  11. Just ride

    Can I be a YoBeat promo shot for halloween?

  12. susan

    nate…you’re killing it.

  13. that guy

    those are awesome!… the jed anderson one isn’t that creative though, half the goofballs on the mountain already look like that!

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