Oregon Early Season Report: Timberline Lower Opening Day

Damn, I look good going small! Photo: Tim Zimmerman

In the annual “race for first,” even the resort that opens first is still a loser thanks to a little place called Timberline in Oregon. But while Timberline has had its lifts running for the past few weekends, October 29th marked the officially start of the season, with the lifts on the lower mountain cranking up for the first time in the 2010/11 season. With over three feet of snow falling in the last week, and a forecast calling for sun, I didn’t even need to be coerced a little bit to get up there. However, preparing for the joyous first day of the season may have been better done sober, rather than after an especially rowdy wing night. Apparently over the summer I completely forgot snowboarding basics, so in hopes of keeping you from doing the same, I present some first-day pointers.

It’s really here! (Winter, that is)

1. Just because you didn’t like the bindings you were riding last year, and the only other pair you have are size men’s large (and you have a women’s size seven foot) doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to set them up. If the toe strap doesn’t tighten down enough to hold your foot in, it’s actually useless.

2. If you happen to set up said bindings after wing night, it may be wise to double check them in the morning to make sure they are not set up pigeon toed, or slightly set forward. Neither of these things will help you ride.

3. It’s ok to make a few turns before attempting to ollie.

4. Apparently if you actually work out before the season like you say you are going to every year, your first day will be more fun and less painful.

5. If you want to use your new GoPro to film a sweet first person edit (and you know you do), it’s wise to actually charge it before you bring it to the mountain.

Aside from that, get a couple friends, and make it happen. The smooth mashed potatoey conditions on Opening Day at Lower Timberline were a blast to ride, and we met a kid in the park that made us snow cones. Definitely a banner day of boarding, and what should be the start to an amazing season. Let’s go La Nina!

I was nice enough to get Tim Zimmerman his own official YoBeat ticket, and then he went and shot a gallery for ESPN. Traitor.

Mashed potato bashing. He’s actually about to catch some air, but I am a shitty photographer.

Random park shredder. Shredding.

Cakeater Jeremy, between snow cones. (Yes, Zim’s photo is probably better than mine)

Pretty sure this is a chick. Sweet.

Oh, yeah, and check out my sweet air time. PERFECT TRACK. Photo: Zimmerman

  1. Sam


  2. Flood

    I enjoyed you falling with the video camera, very funny!

  3. Zimmerman

    Whatever, I paid for gas.

  4. Larsen

    If I put a Slurpee next to that “tree,” which would be bigger?

  5. Adryan

    I didn’t realize at the time that you fell before you even made your first turn. Classy.

  6. dave8


  7. Drew

    You can ollie?

  8. Nick Lipton

    1) This video made me jealous.
    2) That fall was the best thing I’ve seen, ever.
    3) Zimmerman, the nerve of that guy.
    4) That fall… Seriously, killing it B-Dawg.

  9. Brooks was nice to meet you and zim! Thanks for taking a shot of my ugly mug and posting it on yer fine site! Hope you guys enjoyed your cakeatr snowcones!!! Sweet day on the hill! Mega ultra fun!!!!

  10. Brook was nice to meet you and zim! Thanks for taking a shot of my ugly mug and posting it on yer fine site! Hope you guys enjoyed your cakeatr snowcones!!! Sweet day on the hill! Mega ultra fun!!!!

  11. see how I corrected myself on your name… ahahahahaha. I got it now!

  12. Gary

    Nice hat Tim!

  13. The opening of TL was sweet. We rode with cartel riders on Friday and Sunday. Cakeatr finally had some fresh snow, hope everyone enjoyed their taste of whats to come 🙂

  14. bruce

    timberline now allows lift access snowskating. no need to worry about those damn bindings and foot pain. get with the program.

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