State #3: Utah

First visit: Circa early 80s

Having ski bum parents is cool. Even though I don’t remember it, I was assured I visited Utah multiple times in my earliest of years. In the more recent history, I’ve headed to Utah on more epic shred trips, and of course, passed through on the way to elsewhere. The painted desert and the salt flats are definitely worth seeing, but Utah definitely is most relevant for its snow. Oh yeah, and Mormons — actually the reason my ski bum parents left the snow and moved me back east.

  1. I can practically smell the lake through the laptop … oops my window is open the REALLY is the lake I smell … filthy thing.

  2. So you went to utah in the early 80s? You sure don’t look much different now.. What are you a highlander or something?

  3. Brooke

    Time machine Jamie. Obviously.

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