State # 4: New York

Circa: 1984

Technically, we stayed with family in NY while looking for a place to live in VT, so it wins as the first east coast state I remember visiting. But since the house I grew up in was 20 minutes from the border of New York State, I’ve been there plenty.We used to drive to New York to get sushi when I was in high school, go shopping at the mall in Glens Falls, and once I was old enough to drink, post-bar trips to Flub’s were commonplace as last call in NY isn’t until 4 am. I’ve also been to “the city” plenty of times, one of the most memorable just prior to September 11th. We spent an entire day walking around upper Manhattan trying to go to closed art galleries. I really wanted to go see the twin towers but it was “too far” and we were too cheap to take a cab, so it never happened. Oops.

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