Nick’s Good Deed

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Sometimes in the park you run into kids who are trying to learn to ride. But sometimes, instead of being annoyed at them, why not help instill park skills and etiquette by showing them a thing or two? The other night at Mt. Hood Meadows, Nick Lipton was feeling charitable and did just that. Now I think he may have just been practicing for when he talks to girls (as they also want to learn to slide park picnic tables) but he succeeded in pissing off dad, and stoking out some youth. Fairly successful night in the park I’d say. And hey, it’s like he actually knows what he’s talking about.

  1. cptshenanigans

    awwwwww, lol

  2. it’s like watching a fireman rescue a kitten. heartwarming.

  3. burritosandsnow

    tbh im just amazed it got online the day Nick said it would haha

  4. There we go!

  5. Blake Geis

    nick has a mean nose press. that’s a fact you can take straight to the bank sucka

  6. Fonzie

    awesome, and a nice press indeed. You may have steered those kids away from the hater mentality :p

  7. Itsallovernow

    I feel all tingly now

  8. Wow I’m impressed…it’s like you wanna hug Nick after that!

  9. jake

    that was tight, good moves guys

  10. John A.

    that GEEZER was worried for his life about those kids hitting the table.

  11. jordan strong


  12. Nice one nick! Way to not send them home with “snapped arms and legs”

    You would think the guy saw this as the equivalent jumping into a man-sized meat grinder or something.

  13. father

    Absolutely dangerous. I cannot believe some boarder punk would let my inexperienced son and his friends try such tomfoolery. Fuck you all.

    jk good stuff nice to see helping hands on the hill

  14. Curran

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside

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