Polaroids: Part 1


In college, armed with my dad’s corporate card and the knowledge anything purchased at B & H was a tax deduction, I became obsessed with Polaroids. Back then, digital cameras had such lag and poor quality, my need for instant gratification was much more satisfied with the grainy, smelly, little magic squares. I probably spent thousands of dollars on film, and shot everything from party photos to action shots with them. I’ve been going through old photos a lot lately, mainly trying to track down shots of every state, and I keep getting frustrated as my college years seem to be gone forever. Then I remembered the over stuffed manila envelope collecting dust in a drawer. So I’ve decided to satisfy my blogging a.d.d. and start yet another series, this time, Polaroids.

These shots were taken in Bellingham, WA at a spot I would go to every time I noticed a nice sunset. Needless to say, I have a lot of pictures of it. Last time I was in Bellingham I went back to this old pier to find it had completely collapsed, so I guess that would make these somewhat historical as well. Follow the jump for more.




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