Bo Valencia Leaves the FriendZone

The above edit is just some season highlights from Yobeat LBS-slot winner and Seattle super star, Bo Valencia. It’s nothing special, but what is special is that Bo was recently featured on one of my favorite MTV shows, the FriendZone. If you’ve never seen it, hapless losers tell their best friends they are ya know, into them and generally heartbreak ensues. So how did Bo wind up on such a train wreck?

“They came into BC Surf and Sport on the ave. My friend was working so asked they him to try out, but he was to scared so he made me do it.”

Bo’s target, a friend’s girlfriend at the time named Brooke. For the sake of the show though, Bo assures us it wasn’t real.

“We are going to tell the producers soon that we acted it all out, they fully believed it even off camera they would ask us about it.”

Now, as viewers we feel somewhat betrayed. However, Bo and Brooke have since realized that they do indeed like each other as more than friends and are totally in item now. OMG MTV-made love. You can finally watch the whole episode online. Here.

  1. Jello

    My job is to help destroy
    What’s left of your imagination
    By feeding you various doses
    Of sugar coated mindless garbage

    So don’t create
    Be sedate
    Be a vegetable at home
    And thwack on that dial
    If we have our way even you will believe this is the future of rock and roll


    How far will you go
    How long will you stoop
    To tranquilize our minds with your sugar coated will

    You’ve turned rock and roll rebellion
    Into Pat Boone Sedation
    Making sure nothing’s left of the imagination

    MTV Get off the
    MTV Get off the
    MTV Get off the air
    Get off the air

    -Dead Kennedys

    Who’d have ever thought MTV could continue to get more pathetic. I thought they’d hit the lowest possible point that television could go sometime in the nineties but apparently they just keep on diggin’.

  2. Hey Yobeat, how much does an add cost? We at Target want to show off our new line of the; White Collection… Coming to a store near you!

  3. dylan trewin

    that should have been me

  4. Edward

    You just told me what happens why would I want to watch the episode

  5. Edward

    You just told us what happens why would I want to watch it..

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