Snowboarder Reality Show Collabs That Need to Happen, Now.


Since only thing I like more than snowboarding is TV, I’ve decided to combine my two passions with the following list of ideas for reality show appearances by snowboarders. While snowboarders certainly aren’t known for their acting, cast well, they can be real characters. In fact, for my money, most of these concepts have EMMY written all over them. (I will accept my finders fee from Hollywood in cash or paypal.)


Scott Stevens – Wipe Out

In this warrior-dash-meets-musical chairs style game show, Scott decides to really stand out by running the course with his snowboard attached to one foot. Jamie Fox and the other chick announcer dub him “boarder boy,” but the joke’s on them when he easily accumulates more points with his snowboard on than all the other competitors. Boom.


Pat Bridges – Storage Wars

Barry Weiss buys an “extreme sports” unit even though he’s way too old to snowboard, and uncovers a couple old Burton Backhills. Thinking these things could have value, he calls up Bridges, who explains the entire history of snowboarding before convincing them to just give him the boards. Bridges has reality TV star written all over him. Someone get on that.


Jaegar Bailey – Dancing with the Stars

If there’s one thing Louie Vito brought to the table on Dancing with the Stars, it was his acrobatic ability. His flips were infinitely more impressive than whatever crap the politicians or Real Housewives could do. Jaegar takes a similar approach, and the judges just can’t help making Louie comparisons, which are driving him nuts. Shortly after episode 2, Jaegar wanders off to shot gun a beer behind the studio and decides to never come back. Maybe this one is a bad idea.


Gremlinz – Rock My RV

Bret Michaels surprises The Gremlinz with a makeover of their bus. The guys don’t really care what he does as long as the “sardine pit” stays in tact so they have somewhere to sleep. Bret gets frustrated when everything is taking 20 times longer than it needs to due to it being “bus time” and by the Gremlinz constantly asking if they can be in his band. He only manages to convert the engine back to gasoline before giving up.


Travis Rice – Survivor

39 days on an island is child’s play for Travis Rice. He would have a perfect shelter built, a few hogs skinned and salted and a fire roaring on day 1. Though frightened by his prowess and strength, the other competitors would keep him around because they’re all worthless wanna-be actors. Then, once they talked to him and found out he’s a pretty alight guy, he would sail right through to become the Sole Survivor and win a million bucks to match his other millions of bucks.


Red Gerard – Toddlers in Tiaras

Frustrated with only getting 70,000 views on his last video, Red Gerard decides to dress up like a girl and try and get his own TV show like Honey Boo Boo. He obviously goes on Toddlers and Tiaras. It works, and pretty soon “The Gerards” a show about Red and his crazy snowboarding family is cancelled from TLC.

And if these don’t do it for you, I’ve got plenty more…

  1. Shit

    Dylan alito- to catch a predator

  2. STOP

    just post videos, please.

  3. The last one really brought it home.

  4. JP Walker

    Next time you do this, put some thought into it.

  5. snatch

    magoon and intervention

  6. MattyT

    got my dick sucked by a zooey deschanel cocaine addict

  7. Oh Henry

    This was actually pretty hilarious

  8. Dave Hester

    Barry that old fool…YUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. snatch

    It seems like the intern wrote this piece of shit and brooke just put her name on it to see if we just hate the intern or if she actually does suck.

  10. ipeedumps

    bozung on drugs, inc.

  11. the gerards

    Catch the “Gearing Up With The Gerards” season premiere Thursday at 8 on ABC!

  12. yoyougotfruit

    COPS vs LTC
    anything goes

  13. Phil Nolson

    cole navin- my strange addiction (ketchup)

  14. 88

    Dylan Dragotta- finding Sasquatch

  15. spongeboob

    Dylan Dragotta- finding Sasquatch

  16. BROOKE

    was obviously stoned when she thought of this article.

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    proof reading… ahhh fuck that

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