It’s awesome that this is my front yard right now but I am off to Salt Lake on Friday for the Nikita photoshoot (subscribe to my Youtube videos and don’t miss a minute of it!) and then Vermont for the last week in March. I was informed today that not only will I get to enjoy the World Quarters, but Pat Moore’s Back to the Boneyard at Waterville and Last Call at Loon if I am so inclined! Snowboarding has gone well this year (other than the fact I have gotten a lot worse at it) so I am exciting to finish the season with some fun east coast events.

Today I talked about the internet in excess, but hopefully the people who I was talking to got some benefits out of it. I guess you don’t realize how nerdy you’ve become until you sit in a room with people asking you questions and taking notes about what you say. But I am ok with it, I am officially adding web developer and consultant to my resume. Hire me!

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