How to Get to Alaska

My main source of information, Instagram, has led me to believe everyone who’s anyone is headed to, or in, Alaska right now. For the majority of Yobeat readership, this may not sound that exciting as the park boxes are limited, but we’re pretty sure spring in Alaska is the coolest, especially since it’s the one of only places in America that really got snow this year. So for those of you interested in some man shit and an extended season, we say, get your ass to AK! Here are some ideas for how to get there. Please note: we’ve done no actual research and are simply making assumptions based on instagram.

The Laura Hadar Approach

Follow her: @hadeslife

Mama Hades is super in touch with nature and has opted to take a ferry to Alaska. Apparently, renting a sleeping cabin was either too expensive or too boring, so instead, she’s spending the multi day ride in a tent. You really can’t beat the view.

The Andrew Burns Approach

Follow Burnsy: @burnshimself

Burnsy lives in a moving house, which means, he probably just drove it up there.* If your house moves, we would recommend this method in spite of sky high gas prices. That way, you can make fun of all the sissies who took airplanes up there, and you have a mode of transportation for negotiating the vast Alaskan wilderness as well as a place to stay.

* Upon further inspection we’ve determined Burns actually took the ferry too. Whatever.

The ThinkThank Approach

follow the fun: @think_thank

Despite being known for their next level jibbing, many members of the ThinkThank crew are actually Alaska bred. We have to assume they’re taking the good old fashioned approach: getting their parents (or in this case sponsors) to buy them a plane ticket. Be sure to bring your own cones and other props, you never know what will be available in the final frontier.

The Tailgate AK Approach

@Shayboarder is at Tailgate AK. Are you?

If solitude and loneliness aren’t your bag, then maybe AK isn’t for you. Or maybe you need to get your ass up there for Tailgate AK next week. That way, if the snowboarding is too scary, you can hang out and drink instead.

The A-Lister Approach

@lucasdebari sends it in Haines. Photo by @ejackshreds

When you’re a member of the 1% and your big time sponsor pays for everything, first class is the only way to go. Once you get there, it’s more heli rides and maybe a day or two slumming it on your sled. And of course, get a top photog and videog to cature all the action!

Or if all of these ways sound too hard or out of reach, you can always just live vicariously through instragram.

  1. My dad invented the Icecream cone, and google.

  2. the original fake Pat Milbery

    don’t go to alaska, all the snow’s gone already and it just generally sucks a lot..

  3. Mn

    damn bitch you tryynna fuckk a nigga lookin sexyy widd dem cameras up in dizz.

  4. Ross

    Don’t come here

  5. Cody B

    The AlCan blew my shocks out on my pick-up. Don’t come here

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