105%, What!?

I haven’t been couponing much and when I have it’s barely bloggable. 33% savings? Who cares? But today I stumbled on a deal that I figured I might as well take advantage of… Big Cup O’Noodles were on sale for $.50 each at Safeway. Add in my $1/3 coupon and a Safeway doubler, and that makes them free. Then I realized I had in my possession a $5 off Frozen items coupon as well and my mission was clear: get a bunch of lazy-person food for the office and not pay a damn thing for it. I had three coupons for the noodles, but unfortunately, there were only 4 left of the shelf when I got there, so keep in mind I could have done this deal with 9 of them and it would have worked out the same. I got:

3 Big Cup o’Noodles (Regular price $.99, on sale 2/$1- $1/3 coupon – $.50 Safeway doubler = Free)
2 Swanson Frozen Entrees (Regular price $3.29, on sale $2.50 – $5 off Frozen store coupon = Free)

When he rang me up, somehow an extra $.50 I hadn’t accounted for came off and he handed me back two shiny quarters for a total savings of 105% (my personal best.) Booyeah.

  1. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this angers me.

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