YoBeat Internship Training

RJ enjoys a nice cold glass of milk on a YoBeat field trip to Patti’s Homeplate

It’s the dream of many young snowboarders: the industry internship. We established awhile ago that interns will save the snowboard industry, and with the inexplicable increased popularity of YoBeat these days, we were in need of some extra help. So we hired a young chap named RJ Sweet. He comes in every day after school and does all the crap we don’t want to deal with. However, before we could really admit to having RJ on staff, he needed a little hazing. So we brought him up to Timberline for a day of intern training.

Despite all my yelling, RJ passed. He did a great job lacing my boots, and it sure was nice having someone other than Jared to yell at. So for his first official YoBeat assignment, I asked him to write a report on his internship, and let everyone know what the experience is really like.

Coming into Yobeat as an intern I was clueless on what to expect. What would they want me to do, and more importantly, would my boss be an overly-serious, uptight jerk?

After nearly a month at YoBeat, I have come to the conclusion that my boss and I have a relationship that most don’t have.  I get to water her flowers, put on her boots, and carry everyone’s gear to the designated destination. I also get yelled at for not landing my “stunts” or not performing the “stunt” that was intended. Finally I’m crammed in the back of the car with all the snowboards and gear.

When we’re not snowboarding, I am tweeted about on a daily basis. Usually my comical remarks are quoted, but I’m still too young to understand why most of them are funny. Brooke also gives me the jobs she doesn’t like doing, like going to the post office almost every day. If you jerks could stop ordering stuff it would really make my life easier.

On a good note though, I do get hooked up with Yobeat apparel, as well as free meals here and there, so be jealous. Sure do think I’m going to enjoy my time here at Yobeat, so hopefully I don’t get fired because this story sucks.

Oh RJ, I’m not gonna fire you. I really hate going to the post office. However, I don’t appreciate you telling people not to buy stuff, in fact, to ensure you have lots of do at the post office today, I just put the gold die cuts featured in the video in the store. For the rest of you: If you want one, get em while they last, they are SUPER LIMITED. OMG.

  1. LIMITED EDITION! SERIOUSLY? My website is still better than yours.

  2. [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  3. Nick Lipton

    Where is the credit for the one who decided RJ was the right man for the job?

  4. ezra

    those follow cams were next generation

  5. Richard

    Nick it wasn’t decision, it was destined.

  6. tom

    When is it jeffs turn?

  7. Gold YoBeat stickers??!?!? mmmmmm, thats tasty slave labor. They could only be cooler if you made him hand-cut every one with a rusty old swiss army knife…



  9. Dilwin

    i need some yellow crocks in my life

  10. Nor'east Fucktard

    gold flake yobeat stickers limited 26/100 numbered for posterity

  11. Brett

    jeff the intern was better

  12. shaun fuckin white

    yobeat sucks.bring reelcomp back they have ski videos.fucccckin A

  13. dave8

    this kid is soooo booring

  14. bb

    he rides better than the boss. did you see that straight air ender? holy tite pants!

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