Mt Hood Meadows Almost Opening Day

I have a self-diagnosed condition called “Opening Day Anxiety.” It’s not that I’m not excited, it’s just that I start thinking about everything involved in going snowboarding — the lines, the drive, putting on gear, being cold — and I talk myself out of it. It’s a serious issue and I’m working through it.

ODA is my official excuse for missing the official opening day of Mt. Hood Meadows 2010 on November 20th. I heard it was amazing. A who’s who of snowboarding! Shane Flood was there! The CAPiTA crew was there! (I assume) Ahmon Stamps was there! The snow was light and the coverage was great for a week before Thanksgiving! You get the idea.

However, I did pull my head out of my ass and make it up for the day after opening day, which I am happy to report was somewhat sunny and stocked with super soft groomers that the east coaster in me loves so much. It was also not very crowded, because as I remembered a day too late, the masses don’t start the weekend warrior routine until after Turkey Day (at least not in Oregon.) And as I know I would have realized if I did make it up on Nov. 20, it’s always worth the trouble once you strap in and make that first turn. It seems actually going snowboarding is the official cure for ODA.

Now see what the conditions were like in this super serious edit that I only made because I had a GoPro in my pocket. Snowboarding by Sayer Burleson and RJ Sweet.

  1. Estes

    Rad. My season will begin Monday the 21st.

  2. Estes

    Er, ya know- the 22nd. I don’t have a calendar.

  3. jerm

    mt hood kills always

  4. nick

    this edit made me wanna ride more than anything i’ve seen on yobeat lately. just my $0.02

  5. Matt

    Damn, makes me wanna shred. Yobeat is soo legit. definitely a daily go to!

  6. Cool Guy

    Those runs look like powdered sugar. My first day in MN was on the fakest “powdirt” you could imagine. But any snow is good snow.

  7. r cotton

    knowing you were out til 7:30 the night before, im very impressed you made it up there!

    seems like it was definitely worth it. now i wanna go…

  8. nancy

    nice butters and groomer slashers… especially since there were multiple feet of untouched snow.

    makes we wanna go buy a matching grendae fit

  9. Thirsty Convoy

    internet comments

  10. werdnilfe

    I vote this belongs in that rejected edits section…. nothing happened accept a couple dudes playing with eachother’s weiners

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