Fan Mail (People Really do Win)

I am currently on “vacation.” This apparently means I am sitting in my hotel room in Hawaii, posting this on YoBeat. I am not just posting it because it is a genuine letter from the recent winner of our Sticker Giveaway that makes us look somewhere near saintly. No, I am posting it because I awoke to find NOTHING new posted on the site. My dedicated number two is deep in finals week but seriously, I left him a well-worded draft in the back end and all he had to do was draw a few pictures and post it. That’s it. I don’t blame him if Mr. Richards is having a busy week and can’t spend an hour on iChat. I am not mad when Hump Day goes up a few hours later. After all, I am on VACATION dammit! (See this link for proof) So hopefully Nick will awake from his stupor and do his damn job, but until then, we just wanted to prove people really do win with Congratulations to Jamal Conaway from Renton, WA whose CAPiTA Horrorscope purchase scored him this stuff:


Yobeat has been part of my daily ritual for some time now. I can always count on honest reviews, funny commentary and fresh perspectives about life in and out of snowboarding. It’s a place that makes me feel good. So anytime I get a new board or helmet it’s mandatory I slap a Yobeat sticker on it because I only rep what I feel is true and dope. Never in my time of being follower did I ever expect anything from Yobeat except content and opinions. That’s why the gratitude I feel today has left me speechless. Last night when I came home from work a large box was waiting for me on my porch. I was told to look out for something. But was this it? It was. From the dopest website on the web Yobeat! As I opened the box with a great deal of excitement, I was floored when I discovered what was inside; a red Bonfire jacket (the bomb), gray Bonfire pants (cool), not one but two Bonfire beanies (twice as nice), Dakine gloves (badass), long sleeve under layer shirt (hot) and my personal favorite Yobeat shirt & stickers (holla at cha boy!).

I’m completely blown away. It seems like thank you just it’s enough. I was a fan before now you guys can consider me family because that was some straight up love you showed me. As personal tribute I’m putting the biggest YOBEAT! sticker across my board and wear the hell out my new (slightly used) gear all winter long. I’m going to be known as the guy with the red jacket.


Jamal Connaway

  1. Estes

    Nuthin like some ‘used’ hand me downs.

  2. so frustrated! i want to get this downloaded into my iphone so i can show my friend, but i cant find a way.. will show me how please??

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