2009 Stats: NBD


Well, since a few other bloggers with nothing interesting to post are doing a year in review thing I figured Brookegeery.com should jump on the bandwagon as well. That’s right I am not a leader, I am a follower. I am not a woman! I am DEVO! All kidding aside I tend to be a bit shocked every month when I see people roll back to this site to consume whatever I put up. Brookegeery.com was started a few years ago and wouldn’t you know it  – it’s still going.

At time Brookegeery.com has been a few different things – a my portfolio, a place to vent, a short-lived list of 5 things that mattered, a self-indulgent series of blog projects and a place I brag about the sweet places I go. Brookegeery.com will continue to be about me. My experiences, thoughts and observations will drive each post because let’s face, I am way more interesting than you.

A recent comment tipped me off as to how I may be viewed:


So sometimes I am loved. Other times I am hated. Some times you laugh with me and sometimes you laugh at me. As long as you’re reading and occasionally angry, I’m happy. OK, here we go from the google analytics dashboard:

Visits: 10,266
Pageviews: 18,265
Pages/Visit: 1.78

Most popular content was general homepage arrivals, followed by the time I called out an unnamed snowboard company and then a recap of the incident for good measure. Askimet protected my site from 7,709 spam comments.

Anyway I will be back for more in 2010. I might get bored and reskin and trade some ad space for free product but only if you promise not to get mad. OK, see you at SIA in Denver later this month and if you want to schedule time to meet for coffee, a beer or to take a swing at me.

Sorry Jonny. I couldn’t help myself.

  1. Crap, I just saw this. That is really funny … Burton still hassling you all?

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