An G-Style Quickie with Miyon Yamaguchi

Miyon Yamaguchi is pretty much your average American snowboarder – she hangs with all dudes, lies to her parents and loves Chris Bradshaw. Average in every way – except that she lives in Japan and fucking rips. For the final chapter of this fall’s Uninvited series – Jess Kimura busted out some Japanese translation skills and helped us learn more about this future phenom, who’s part can be seen above.

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Let’s start with the basics. Where do you live and who helps you make it happen?

I was born in Korea but I live in Japan. I film with the Dirty Pimp crew, which is made up of Japanese street riders. Most of the crew are boys.

Who supports you sponsor-wise?


What is it like filming street spots in Japan? Are the police or property owners super polite when they want you to leave the spot?

Many of the dopest spots are hidden from eyesight in Japan. The police can go either way, but sometimes the property owners will come give us treats and cheer us on.

Who are your favorite Japanese pros?


What do you think about Western snowboarding? What riders are you most excited to watch?

I am attracted to snowboarding in North America because it is the main hub of the industry. The resorts and snow conditions are amazing and it seems like there are many good street spots as well. I have several riders who I like to watch, but the one I’m most impressed with is Chris Bradshaw. I saw some video clips of him riding Bear Mountain and he has the most G style.

What are your goals with filming? Would you like to make transition to global super-pro like Kazu or are you happy just to be big in Japan?

Above anything else, my goal is to film a part that makes me satisfied. The style factor is the most important thing to me. It would be nice to be well known internationally like Kazu. I have always had a lot of respect for him because he took the tough road to get to all his success. I am really happy that my riding will be seen by more people across the world now that I’m involved with the Uninvited.

How did you get involved in “The Univited” project? What’s the best thing about working with Jess?

I met Jess at Campita in Mt. Hood last summer. I showed her my part and she was stoked so she when she created this new project, she invited me to join in. Her mindset and passion gets me fired up.

Are your parents supportive of your snowboarding?

I am the only snowboarder in my family and my parents don’t know much about it, but they always support me. They definitely get worried about how dangerous filming in the street can be. I try to avoid telling them about the most sketchy things I am doing and sometimes I lie and say I’m not doing anything dangerous, hahah. They are always happy and proud when I get photos in magazines and this motivates me to try harder.

What are your plans for this upcoming winter?

I am going to focus hard on filming my best part ever. I want to get my style and skills to the next level.

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