Kirschi’s Season Chronicles: A Winter with Christian Kirsch in the snow parks of Austria

Who are you, where are you from, where do you ride, and who do you ride for?

I´m Christian Kirsch, I grewed up in Southern Germany, but for 6 years I’ve lived in Innsbruck, Austria. I´m trying to ride the streets as much as possible, otherwise I’m riding pretty much all good snowparks around Tyrol.
I´m riding for Technine Europe, ThirtyTwo, TreeClothing, moreboards and since a few weeks for Uncle Stanky´s Dank Wax

What’s your motivation for putting together this series?

Last season I bought myself a GoPro Hero 5 and I brought it often with me to the mountain. This summer I realized how many shots were unused. And as I think that an over-five-minute long park clip is just too Long, I decided to do the SEASON CHRONICLES with a maximum of two minutes per clip. So I started cutting all that stuff. First I wasn´t sure if I really wan´t to use that footage at all, but as I bought myself a new laptop and a nice cutting program, I decided to do something…

What were some highlights of last season for you? Any shots in these first few episodes you’re especially stoked on?

Finding my highlight from the first few episodes is not that easy to say.. But when I have to decide one, I would say it was at Patscherkofel hike session on that Little spine, where I did like and 1080 spin on the coping.. that felt super funny 😀

How many episodes are you gonna release?

There will be four episodes of my Season Chronicles.. And that’s only all my GoPro park footage I got.. I also have stacked some street stuff last season, and another project is already in progress.

Where can people follow your journey?

You can follow me on Instagram @kirschi420, and MySpace… (just kidding)


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