Hump Day Goes Dancing with Louie


He’s no Jsak, but Louie Vito is the latest pro snowboarder to be cast on the mainstream stage of reality TV.  Whether you think it’s the greatest or the gayest thing you’ve ever heard, Louie is one of 16 stars on this season of Dancing with the Stars. For this Hump Day quickie, we figured we might as well use our pull to get the inside scoop as Louie prepares for his big debut September 21st.

YoBeat: How did you end up on Dancing with the Stars?

LV: They contacted someone I knew asking if they knew anyone that was around my age, snowboarder type of kid, good personality and then he contacted me asking if I wanted to do an interview.  So I decided to entertain the idea and did the interview last summer. They were super stoked on me but I didn’t really fit into the season, so I thought I would have to make the Olympics or something. But they hit me up this spring and asked if I was interested.

YoBeat: Which star is your biggest competition?

LV: I heard the Iron Chef guy is super good, but I am just trying to learn everything for myself first, so I haven’t really been thinking about it.

YoBeat: What’s your average day “training” for the show like? Is it easier, or harder than snowboarding?

LV: It is WAY different.  I wake up, eat, go to practice for about 6 hours and then either go out at night or chill and try to figure out how I can learn everything faster.

YoBeat: Have your years of halfpipe riding trained your for the dance floor or are you starting from scratch?

LV: haha I am starting from scratch.  Every time I move backwards I hunch over as if I am gonna grab or on a rail instead of having my back and shoulders back.

YoBeat: Is your dance partner taller than you? Is that awkward or did they work it out?

LV: They worked it out.  She is about 5′ 3 I think but I am not sure how we will look when she puts on a little bit of a lift.

YoBeat: What’s your best dance move?

LV: The ones where I stand there and she does her thing or catching her in different positions because she makes me look like I am doing a lot.

YoBeat: Do you think it will help your chances at making the Olympics?

LV: No.  Snowboarding doesn’t care about this stuff.

YoBeat: What are you gonna do with your minimum quarter million dollars? Can I have some?

LV: Quarter of a mill?? damn, umm after February comes and goes, we are going OUT!!

  1. boom

    haha this is great…what a babe too good luck vito

  2. I can’t wait till I can see the new moves unleashed in a more urban setting. I have one move that I can teach you lou lou.
    It’s when you come up behind the girl, then pull your shirt over her head, thus forcing her head to be under your shirt and close to your man smelling phermones. This will either work out great and you will win the x games of cha cha , or she will stick her 6 inch heel into your forehead.

  3. Sad

    Remember when snowboarding had real stars? Legit dudes that we could respect and look up to? Peter Line, Jamie Lynn, Haakon. Those dudes were real and they pushed the sport forward on the snow and in how they represented it off the snow.

    As local shops shut down daily, on line sales continue to grow, and spectator snowboard events become larger and larger (text message voting anyone), we keep getting closer and closer to some weird mail-order sport that no one actually participates in. Pure spectator sport style. We are becoming figure skating.

    I guess in the end it only means more more good snow to be had, but its a sad thing to watch

  4. amy

    so because he snowboards he can’t be on that show?
    shits funny, go louie!

  5. haha great Hump Day Yobeat! Best dance move answer is so spot on, let her look good and you just smile. It’ll be fun to watch a snowboarder compete and glad she’s height compatible. Good luck Louie!

  6. yeah louie yeah louie yeah louie, bad on line ordering, bad url is attached to someone at burton who cares about online ordering and shops closing down, wahhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh i eat ben and jerrys for breakfast waaaahhhhhhhh go louie go louie go louie. dont shit where you eat burton boy

  7. Economy is down Louie is coming up and moving to hollywood.

  8. I hate reality type tv, but will watch this one for sure! Go Louie!!

  9. brryyyy

    “dudes that we could respect and look up to? Peter Line…..” hahaha

  10. souney

    I enjoy the question about height, especially with a dance partner named “Hightower.”


    he looks like member of that really cool and good band called my chemical romance

  12. cptshenanigans


    see ya at the rail jam at MRM, lol. way to rep ohio dude. i don’t know whether to be proud or move to michigan

  13. DUDE

    Seriously who really gives a FUCK! Good for Louie for making the most of an opportunity and getting paid along the way! Big ups to Vito.

  14. i cannot wait haha
    LV has already made next season epic for me

  15. hondo

    HEY louie, im glad your a sell out fuck, keep up the good work, im glad your makeing snowboarding even gayer then it is, i didnt think that was even possible. You are about as cool as the skiers who talk shit on preston,l now when skiers write to preston they can say “louie vito, is that guy even serious” thanks your biggest fan


  16. Nelson Reederman

    brooke geery… inventor of snowboarding on the internet? really? maybe inventor of some of the worst article/interview bullshit nonsense i have ever read.

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