Brooke’s Breakdown: How to Cope with the End of the Season


The final mogul run in VT. Photo: My Mom

The season is ending, and unless you’re stupid and don’t like snowboarding, you’re kinda annoyed about it. Sure, you can pretend to like skateboarding or talk about how much you like summer, but the truth is, it sucks when you can’t go snowboarding. Personally, I have a minor break down every year, and I actually live in a place you can snowboard year round. Anyway, this is my first column (I decided to give myself one) and I’m going to use it as a coping mechanism. Accordingly, I will make a list of everything that annoys me when I go snowboarding.

  • People who can’t form groups of the number of people that fit on the chair.
  • People that can’t merge in the lift lines.
  • Lift lines.
  • When the snow is too sticky to move.
  • When rocks get into fields of powder.
  • Snow snakes.
  • When the chairlift drips on your outerwear (Northwest problem)
  • The price of lodge food
  • Skiers pole planting back and forth on a straight away.
  • When they charge you to use a screw driver
  • When the screw drivers outside are stripped and your binding is loose
  • When you lose a strap and don’t realize it until you’re at the top of the mountain.
  • When it’s flat light.
  • When someone cuts you off and you were on the way to do something cool.
  • Skiers that stand on landings.
  • Parking far away.
  • Skiers being cool now.
  • Snowboarders that sit on landings.
  • People side-slipping down powder.
  • People going off a cliff or chute and taking all the snow with them/creating a bomb hole.
  • When it’s so cold your skin hurts.
  • When you drive all the way to the mountain and realize you forgot your boots.
  • Skiers.

Actually, I could go on all day (I’m easily annoyed, ok) but you know what? I feel strangely better. Maybe a break from snowboarding will do me well. And like I said, Mt. Hood is open and just up the road. Phew. Thanks for listening guys.

  1. col. forbin

    sticky rails

  2. hoodsavage

    Gaper Traffic!

  3. That Guy

    People who stop before every feature in the park while your just trying to hot lap

  4. Don’t forget about Assholes in empty pickup trucks (bed and cab), that don’t pick you up at the bottom of Timberline road.

  5. everyday

    Tourists of the crASIAN descent.

  6. “on the way to do something cool” eg. “Check me out, Im about to do something cool” Cool.

  7. El Don

    i didnt think a snowboarder would complain so much. Just get booted, suited and strapped in. All smiles after that.

  8. Connor

    Chairlifts drip on you on the east coast too

  9. Matt

    riders who claim the PNW as their home. we know, you’re better than everybody else

  10. JP Walker

    Season over? It just snowed 6+ inches here in MN

  11. Montey

    naked brooke

  12. Panda

    – You forgot that guy who CONSTANTLY yells “FREE BURGERS AT THE LODGE” while waiting in the lift line. Timberline people know who I’m talking about. Someone should shove a hot dog in his mouth. Not in a gay way, unless he is down for that.

  13. The Dude

    When people in front of you speed check right before the rail..

  14. the midwest

    When people out west complain

  15. dirtydirt

    Brooke you sound like a holiday skier. When it’s so cold your skin hurts? Flat light? That’s what you get when it’s SNOWING, which is a marvelous thing. You wanna take a break from snowboarding, that’s all the better for us, but take a longer break from writing anymore of this crap.

  16. Lil Wayne

    White Boys

  17. fhdjksahljkfhd

    slow signs..

  18. You wish

    Hey yobeat you should start paying up to read this crap

  19. WheresCrazyBikeMike!

    The fact that the writes about how to cope with the end of season and she adds that she actually snowboards year round like at Mt Hood makes this article in her point of view POINTLESS

  20. dad

    Skiers will never be cool

  21. poopsticks

    But my season never ends?

  22. snakes

    snake or be snaked.

  23. crinks

    shitty edits like snaketube

  24. people that give themselves columns on the internet to complain about things

  25. Please Stop

    Please wake me when this ridiculous yobeat trend is dead.

  26. larry

    Dear Brooke, i think you should get back into Wakeboarding Journalism. thanks and bye.

  27. bigtruck

    those assholes at the bottom of timberline road trying to catch a ride

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