Holmes Would Not Approve

Another fun weekend of home improvement. In order to avoid the massive hype that would surely ensue after the launch of YoBeat, I figured it would be best to just stay home anyway. That and I had a pile of lumber and a bunch of new windows just sitting around. Now if you know me, you may know I am sort of a spazz and patience isn’t one of my better qualities. Instead of waiting until I had everything and doing it all at once, I insisted on putting the french doors as soon as we got them a few weeks ago. Apparently this t-111 siding has to lock together and long story short, the stuff we’d already done made the new stuff a bit trickier. But there’s only one little chip that no one other than Holmes on Homes would ever notice, and he’d be too preoccupied by the fact we didn’t get any permits anyway. Here are the fruits of this weekend’s labor.


We have created one awesomely big pile of garbage, and we ran out of siding so now the house is looking extra white trash. But check out those new windows!


Since i am more useless than usual with my elbow and all, I wasn’t much use on the heavy construction.  I did, however, make a neat rock garden and planted a bunch of annuals in place of the vegetables in the garden that have already come and gone.

If you want extreme stuff go to Yobeat. I updated it again today. People seem stoked. I might really keep it going this time.

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