A healthy take on 4th of July eating

In addition to being within walking distance of my house, another cool thing about Fred Meyer is that you don’t need a membership card or cut coupons to get their store sales. Anyone walking in off the street will get all posted discounts (save for manufacturer’s coupons) at checkout. The one drawback of this system is that they don’t give you a “total $ saved” summary on your receipt like they do at Safeway,  making the rewards of shopping there more transparent, but it is what it is. You’ll just have to take my word for all the good deals.

Yesterday was a beautiful and very sunny day here in Portland. Mark and I decided to walk to brunch then  to see the new Woody Allen movie (A-)  and enjoy the theatre’s air conditioning out on 82nd. That ended up being a great way to spend the day but also entailed a 7 mile walk. By the time I got home, I felt good/happy but also had a sunburn, sweat rings, and was starving. It’s also the 4th of July weekend, so this is what I bought for dinner:

For $18.57 I got a week’s worth of green salad, pasta salad, cherries, veggie sausage and buns for grilling. So basically, it is entirely possible to get all your fruits and veggies, eat like a total (vegan) yuppie and fully enjoy the 4th of July for well under $20. If you take out the cherries, it ends being a way better deal, but cherries are worth splurging  on, in my opinion, and even cheaper this week!! Sale items are bolded. Others are just every day good deals @ FM.

Fred Meyer whole wheat whole grain salad rotini: $.99 @ 1/12 oz box
1 Organic Green Pepper $.99 @ 2.99/lb
1 Sweet Onion $.89 @ 0.99/ lb
2 cucumbers $1.00 @ 2/1.00
Red Leaf Lettuce $1.00 @ 5/5.00
Pepperoncini $2.00 @ 2/4.00
Vlassic Original Dill Whole Pickles $1.50 @ 2/4.00 – .50 coupon
Fred Meyer Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns $1.25 @ 4/5.00
Tofurky Sausage 2 packs/$3.99 @ BOGO @ 3.99
Cherries  $5.96 @ 2.98/lb
Bonus: new to me yellow Pro-tec helmet $3 @ make an offer at a yard sale

Whole grain pasta salad, veggie dog on a whole wheat bun*, baller green salad

Estimated cost of last night’s hearty meal consisting of the above : $1.65 / person

*I actually had a veggie dog that wasn‘t on sale last night but am using Tofurky sausage (at the exact same cost) for the sake of this exercise. Forgive the sloppy presentation; I was very hungry.

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