Party Time Nate’s Post Snowboarding Gourmet

You’re a snowboarder, which means you are either broke, or pretending to be. No matter how little money you have though, you probably still like to eat on a regular basis, and chances are, you hit the drive through more than you like to admit. And why the hell not? It’s cheap and easy, and it sure does taste good after a long day of ‘boarding. The same old fast food can get mighty boring though, so with a little inspiration from, Party Time Nate set out to create a gourmet meal with a few things we picked up on the drive down from the mountain. If you’d like to recreate this delicious meal yourself, Nate explains how in the video above.

And because it’s amazing, here are specifics on what we bought, how much we spent and the calorie counts of each.

Dairy Queen
6 piece Chicken Strip Basket (includes fries and sauce) 1410 calories
Total: $5.99

McRib 500 calories
Medium Fries 380 calories
McDouble 390 calories
Total: $5.79

Jack in the Box
Medium Curly fries 430 calories
2 Hamburger deluxe 360 calories each
Side of rice 242 calories
Total: $5.24

Del Taco
Double Del Burger 560 calories
10 Crunchy Tacos 130 calories each
Total: $6.49

Grand Total Calories: 5932
Grand Total Cost: $23.51

(And people wonder why Americans are fat)

  1. Must’ve been hard to stop yourself from eating all the way down

  2. Haha.. this is awesome. You guys should figure out how much it would cost to make that stuff from the grocery store… although that’s a lot of work. 🙂

  3. Alex

    That meatloaf looked fucking gross…

    But what meatloaf doesn’t? I’d still eat it.

  4. Nor'east Fucktard

    I wish I was pretending to be broke. That just made me so fucking hungry.

  5. matt

    yee hittin all the fast food places on the way home from hood. i saw that 39c tacos ad at del taco coming home on sunday. this video is actually has some super legit ideas for fast food.

    btw was that song matt & kim?

  6. The meatloaf was definitely disgusting and yes, music is Matt and Kim.

  7. maxhelm motsvorg

    most gourmet ass shit i’ve seen in a 6 minute edit. ever!

  8. Melissa

    Watching this made me throw up in my mouth a little….

  9. Evan

    Meatloaf looked a little scary, I also really like how Timbro managed to finish each dish.

  10. mn

    i showed this to a group of people, all of which asked me what kind of websites i watch

  11. Chris P.

    It’s called the McDank. Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, insert chicken nuggets, consume. Have heart attack.

  12. spencer

    McRib is the worst thing you could order at mcdonals. mcdouble, drivethru club soda, and a kids cone. $1

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