Rain Day Survival Guide

If the past few weeks of “summer” are any indication, there’s a good chance that your Hood trip this year is gonna get rained on. Windells session one had a banner two days of sun, and with High Cascade starting up, it doesn’t feel like things are getting better anytime soon. But don’t worry, there have been “rain days” since the inception of summer snowboarding, and even though you came here to work on your double corks and goggle tan, you’ll survive. Here are a just a few of the tried and true ways to ward off boredom on rainy days.


1. Go snowboarding anyway. Yes, you may want to wear real snowboard clothes, and you’re gonna get wet, but summer snowboarding in the rain is a lot like winter snowboarding in the rain, only warmer. Plus now that everyone has a waterproof Gopro, you’ll still be able to get all your sick moves on film!


2. Movies. This summer has all the requisite blockbuster pictures you could possibly want, and since people who’ve been in Gov’y longer than you have probably already been down to see every single movie playing in Sandy, they can tell you which to hit and which to skip.


3. Skateboarding. If you’re going to Windells (or have the ins) rolling around in the foam pit, I mean, skatepark, at B.O.B. is a favorite past time on a rainy day. If you’ve got no ins, head down to Portland for a Department of Skate session (or maybe it will even be dry in the city.)


4. Mall time! The Llyod Center mall is awesome for creeping on girls, gluing quarters to the floor and watching people try to pick them up, or even playing dress up. There is also in ice rink mid mall, which unless you’re from Mall of America country, is somewhat of a novelty.


5. Drink. Only if you’re 21+, of course. And certainly not if you’re under the supervision of one of the fine camps! Granted, this may leave you at a loss for something different to do at night (may we suggest more drinking?) but you’ll probably pass out early anyway.

If you are not going to snowboard at Hood this summer, and feel somehow slighted by the fact this post is biased towards those who are, may I offer this video of Yard Work gone wrong in my backyard to cheer you up?*

*totally just an excuse to post this funny and completely-unrelated-to-snowboarding video on YoBeat.

  1. Go with option 1 yer mom didn’t pay $1,800 for you to fuck about and if you want to see movies, play paintball, do arts and crafts or play grab ass with ugly chicks you shoulda went to fat camp instead! Focus, work hard, and remember if we train like the Germans and North Koreans we’ll reign supreme. You know who I’m talking to 720 and the Wasatch Project, think “Ivan Drago” !!!

  2. Nisredna

    Don’t forget about the old Grenade bowl indoors at Epic downtown.

  3. toby witte

    the drunkest d

  4. steven

    video at end= best yobeat post in months.

  5. How bout this one- save the 1800 bones and move down to New Zealand for a shred quest. Ride under the sun on a 50cm base and maybe jump over some sheep, while working night shift cleaning Connect A Buses in Frankton? I like how brooke didnt suggest skating at burn.

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