Greetings from Florida!


In the midst of my first trip to Florida of the year. It happens to be for the kick off of the wakeskate tour. About this time of year I realize how pasty Portland makes my skin and feel self concious, but what can you do? I am down here to cover the event and promote the new site.

Basically, I am killing it with real time results (thanks Jared!) and daily videos. It’s hard to write, film and shoot so i’ve been delegating like crazy. I wrote a blog, but other than that, I’ve had help with the daily stories (day 1, day 2). I shoot some of the photos, but then I hand off my camera so that I can film. Luckily some of the wakeskate kids are into photography and don’t totally blow it!

Today is the last day of competition, but I am hanging out down here for a few more days and I am going to go on a content blitz. And maybe even work on my wakeskating a little too. I am already totally fried, but at least I am not so white anymore.

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