Some Recent Work You Should Check Out (and some you shouldn’t)

First, attempt to enjoy this video of shaky GoPro footage I made from a couple days at Pico over Christmas. However, I feel I should warn you that most of the clips are so bad I kinda of gave up on editing them halfway through and just exported. The song is good though, and Jared is KILLING it with his new found method skills.

In other news, I’ve been back on the web development game as of late. I use the term “web development” loosely, but I have managed to fix up a couple friends’ sites with my wordpress css tweaking skills. Click on the screen grabs below to check them out if you are so inclined. It’s also made me feel like this here site need a refresher, so I might just have to do that…

And finally, I just received the latest copy of Onboard from all the way across the pond. I’ve been writing a “Letter from America” for them all season, as well as contributing to King Snow Mag. I don’t have a scanner at home, and nothing annoys me more than when people take blurry digital photos of print pages to show them off, so you’ll have to go find a copy of these mags if you want to read my stuff.* If you do, give me feedback, because it’s awfully strange writing stuff and not getting a bunch of hate comments about how much it sucks. I sort of wonder if anyone even sees it.**

*If I get motivated I will scan because I realized my “printed work” section hasn’t been updated since like 2008. Oops.

** Looks like King Snow has an online issue, so check out The Make Out Web:

and the On Hill Break Up:

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