The Party Time and Peter Line Cookoff

Two titans of snowboarding’s culinary community met, but only one could emerge victorious. Party Time Nate and Peter Line set out once and for all to determine who was the superior chef by cooking what else, but hot dogs!

s-peter-app Peter Line’s Hot Dog and Pork Rillette

Full Recipe

s-nate-app Party Time Nate’s Deconstructed Hot Dog

Full Recipe

s-peter-entree Peter Line’s Beef Hot Dog and Pork Bolognese on Parppadelle

Full Recipe

s-nate-entree Party Time Nate’s Hot Dog Risotto

Full Recipe

s-peter-dessert Peter Line’s Cream Cheese Hot Dog ice cream with sriracha caramel sauce

Full Recipe

s-nate-dessert Party Time Nate’s Hot Dog Foster

Full Recipe

Check out the gallery of what went down behind the scenes:

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  1. The pasta was so not stuck together.

  2. Yeah right. It was one giant pasta ball.

  3. Party Time

    I want a rematch. No extra hands for Peter this time.

  4. “so good, i can’t put it down”

    “presentation is… god awful.”
    -Cobra Cory

  5. Fun shit. Pasta was the best for sure, but nate’s Desert was amazing.. rematch for sure.

  6. scott


  7. toby

    it’s cool to cook. and with hot dogs

  8. sam cosby

    yo this shit looks gross, but its deffinatly a 10 on humor

  9. Gotta love PT’s hair. Very creative take on the mullet there Nate, its like a party in the back with an eclair in the front

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