Bathroom Before and After

Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses, or so they say. I’m not really in the market to sell my house actually, but the peeling linoleum floor, industrial plastic trim, half-working toilet and press board vanity in my bathroom needed to go anyway. I happen to have a resident handy man, so when Obama hooked me up with a decent tax return this year, it was on.

Over the past four years we’ve almost redone every thing in my house, inside and out, but I was in no way prepared for the joy of ripping out and redoing the house’s main bathroom. Luckily we have a sort of workshop half bath in the garage, but several days of being forced to use it were inconvenient to say the least. Now though, radiant under-floor heating keeps the Philadephia travertine warm, the custom made bamboo vanity is not disintegrating, and the toilet actually flushes every time! As for selling my house, assuming it holds up until the time comes, I don’t think it will hurt. Check out before before, after and during pictures after the jump, and for close ups and nerdy technically info, go read Jared’s blog.




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