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If you’ve been reading this blog then you have probably deduced the things that I am interested in: cats, food and extreme sports. But there is one more great passion in my life, home improvement! It’s not just that I watch HGTV constantly, but since I got my house almost two years ago I have delighted in painting, digging, destroying and refurbishing things. While I have a very useful boyfriend who has done things like put in a sky light and wood floors, sometimes I just like to get my hands dirty myself. That, and my spazziness gets things done much more quickly than his need for perfection.

He left town yesterday, so I decided to go to town on the random strip of asphalt next to my drive way that has been bringing down my curb appeal since I moved in. I started out timidly poking at it and seeing how hard it would really be, and before long I was was going full force, smashing, ripping, pulling and tossing. The whole neighborhood got in on the act. Bob from across the street was offering up sledgehammers and other useful tools, and Robbie, the six year old from next door, was actually helping. What six year old wouldn’t want to destroy shit?

I had only intended to do part of it, but before i knew it all the asphalt sat it two not-so-neat piles at the end of my driveway. Today I am going to cart it away– I found a place that will take it for free, and then the space will become a lovely garden with a path using some flagstone Bob gave me. I don’t want to sound like a dork, but this stuff is way more fun than skateboarding.

  1. Emma and Shea

    Wow. we should start calling you Jackhammer!

  2. J-rad

    When did you start skateboarding?

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