State # 1: Wyoming

Circa 1981

If you were wondering what state would be number one, wonder no longer! According to my passport, I was born in Jackson, WY, so the Cowboy State wins by default! I never actually lived there though, Jackson was just the closest hospital to my new home in rural Idaho. Since then I’ve driven across Wyoming more times than I can count, but it was in 2007 I made it a point to visit Yellowstone national park. We sat in the pouring rain waiting for the stupid geyser to explode, only to be totally under whelmed. Ironically, on the way back from Old Faithful, we stopped at another spot in the park that was way, way more impressive.

  1. horay!

  2. Great work Brooke, you never fail to impress. Let’s skate?

  3. Momma

    and this is where it all started!

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