States # 7 & 8: Massachusetts and Connecticut

Circa: Mid 1980’s

Now that we’re getting into New England, things get a little murky in terms of when and what order, and since at this point I’m pretty near over this 50 State blogging project, I’m going to do my best approximation for the rest of it.

7.    Massachusetts

I have done the following things in Mass: Seen Piebald, multiple times. Seen lots of other shows at the Middle East. Gotten way too drunk. Made a video about Dunkin Donuts. Skateboarded at both indoor and outdoor spots, and probably lots more. I’ve probably spent more time in Boston than any other city I’ve never lived in, but yet have zero desire to ever become a resident (and I still always get lost.)

8.    Connecticut

Connecticut is a definitely “drive-thru” state for me. I always have liked the tear-dropped shaped building in Hartford and have spent hours of my life waiting for the Long Island ferry in Bridgeport.

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