The Keywords of 2009


Guess what! It’s the Holidays, or as more commonly known around these parts: The time of year you can just recap and not come up with anything new year end review time! And what better way to look back in this new media age than to take advantage of Google Analytics and data pull some keywords to remind us what went down (that way we don’t even have to think that hard.) Some of our most frequent search terms were newsworthy events we remember, and some, well, some were just the ridiculous result of Google predicting what people were searching for. Here is some of the stuff people came to YoBeat looking for in 2009.

bozwreck shut down


Our interpreation of this, one of our most popular search terms, is that rather than just realizing Bozwreck may or may not ever really do anything productive, is to google it for answers. Luckily, on YoBeat it brings people to the skeleton crew  Hump Day where aspiring dirt bags can learn all about how some other people are doing exactly what they want with snowboarding.

interns in sandals


This could go a few ways, but let’s hope it was aspiring interns trying to find out if opened-toed shoes are acceptable attire for their internship. And on YoBeat, they learned thanks to the economic slump we experienced this year, all about how they will save the snowboard industry.

danny kass new Zealand


also searched:  danny kass news

It’s funny that so many people searched this and found YoBeat. Danny did have a great time in New Zealand driving his van up the mountain, etc, but as far as that other speculatatory situation went, we never really did find out exactly who it was. And in our post, you’ll see, the names we not released, so we didn’t not technically post them.

lucas magoon coma


also searched: lucas magoon head injury, lucas magoon injury

In fall 2009, Lucas Magoon was in a skateboarding accident we followed closely, resulting in a serious head injury which may or may not have put Lucas in a coma. The outcry of concern was great to see, but the better news is Lucas is doing well and even snowboarding again.

quebec snowboard spots


When I saw this keyword, I got all excited that people were googling to find spots in Quebec, and finding a certain story about certain riders being primadonnas in Quebec. But as it turns out, it’s just the tag for one of our Firing Squad battles featuring a shot by Alex Paradis. Oh well.

photo: Paul Miller

jed andersons helmet?


2009 was definitely the year of Jed Anderson and what the people really want to know is why does he wear a helmet? We’ll go out on a limb and say “to keep his head in tact” but you can read his Hump Day interview for more.  P.S. Some helmet company might want to look into picking this kid up, if they haven’t already.

jason borgstede alcohol


You know who did nothing notable in 2009? Jason Borgstede. It’s been so long since he was relevant that most of you probably don’t even know who he is. Well, he was a big air jock who had questionable style and a ton of tricks. Why anyone is googling “Jason Borgstede Alcohol” is beyond me, but at least we reposted old X Games coverage for them to find when they did.

does lance hakker owns ashbury?


Apparently, we knew Ashbury was going to be a relevant brand before 2009, because the Hump Day this search term brings people to is from October 2008. But that’s the magic of the internet, stuff lives longer than a few days thanks to google and people were able to find out that yes, Lance indeed owns Ashbury, despite their poor grammar.

louie vito midget

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also searched: louie vito, is louie vito a midget, louie vito dancing with the stars

If Louie wasn’t getting paid serious loot to be on Dancing with the Stars, we might feel bad for giggling every time this search term popped up. But to answer your question search people, almost all good snowboarders are midgets, hence it was Todd who called it out in the Sherman v Vito Fight club. Deal with it.

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