For the Birds: Gordon Ellmers presents his Avian Photography

Originally published in the Mountain Times

From the mighty bald eagle to the tiny chickadee, no bird is safe from Gordon Ellmers’ shots. Luckily for our feathered friends, Ellmers prefers a camera to a gun. The native of Fort Edward, New York, has been shooting stunning images of birds nearly every day for 20 years, since purchasing his first digital camera for his day job as a veterinarian.

“I bought my first digital camera 20 years ago to email digital photos of radiographs to radiologists and quickly receive replies. This was when we all had film X-ray machines,” he said. “ Today everyone uses digital machines.”

That’s not the only thing that’s changed since Ellmers’ father started Fort Edward Animal Hospital many years ago, but Ellmers has kept the family practice going while also honing his craft each morning. “I go out shooting every morning before work.  I usually stay within the Fort Edward area.”

By Gordon Ellmers A Black-capped Chickadee perches on a staghorn sumac flower.

As a member of the National Audubon Society and the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society, Ellmers does not mind being called a birder. “Some of my favorite birds are Snowy Owls and Short-eared Owls. I also like colorful small birds.”

Although his incredible shots of mallards in flight or a cardinal enjoying a crabapple boast professional quality, Ellmers considers his photography a hobby.  All of his photos are available on Facebook for free viewing.

If you want the full story behind some of his most striking work, Ellmers will present a power point of his work at the Poultney Public Library on Nov. 15 at 6 p.m.

“My show at Poultney will be a one hour PowerPoint about area birds as seen thru the four seasons.  There are a few surprises thrown in!” he said.

The show is sponsored by the Rutland County Audubon Society and is free to attend.

By Gordon Ellmers A colorful Mallard male takes flight.

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