People Still Snow Skate

For a few years there, you didn’t really hear about people snowskating. It’s like they went underground, and judging by this teaser, learned to film and edit really well. Considering my day job, I feel hating on snow skating might be a bit hypocritical, so I’ll let you watch the video and decide for yourself. Ambition Snowskates’s first full-length snowskate DVD release “TRUE COLOR.” Out now. Check out for more.

  1. vermont200

    stefani is gonna be hyped

  2. jerm

    stefani is a dick squeezer

  3. Skate on Snow

    Kickflip FS Board on a snow skate? I always knew they would start doing big stuff.

  4. Satan's Horticulturist

    Not bad guys keep havin fun! That kickflip front board was pretty sick!

  5. matt

    really serious

  6. shredface

    were the road tripping in order to snow skate?

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