Mt. Hood Meadows and an Opening Day Documentary

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Last year, Timbro had his worst first day of snowboarding of the year, ever. He wrote all about it, so you can get up to speed. This year, Meadows’s opening day came much earlier than last, and unlike last year, Timbro was there. Since this opening day thing is officially getting old (and yes, we know it’s still early November) we’ll let this mini-documentary do the talking. This is what you missed in Oregon on 11/11, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more to be had!

  1. colorado

    that’s more snow than colorado has in march

  2. cw

    Those Dangerzone guys from Tahoe are gonna send you a cease and desist letter…

  3. jerm

    take that rest of the U.S. and your white ribbons of death for early season. mt hood is the best.

  4. yeah brooke, looks like more fun than our opening. shit i live in the wrong town.

  5. Blake Geis

    kyle and timbro are loose canons. i would rather watch loose canons then boreal jibbing any day of the week

  6. cm

    got up there at 330, only got 3 runs in and it still beat an east coast opening day.

  7. That was comical.

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