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The big news of the day is I updated If you don’t know, Yobeat is the site I have been doing with my friend Rachel for more than 10 years. I update it about once a month, and usually it just includes a photo that has already been published somewhere else and some random ramblings in our analog so i can justify putting today’s date on it.

Other than that I have been cooking a lot lately. I get out of the habit of making my own food when I am traveling a lot, and I always get psyched when I get to be home for long enough to go grocery shopping and make stuff again. I like to experiment, try new recipes and what not. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. I think I will never live down the time I tried to make “Mexican Meat-za,” courtesy of Rachel Ray. Although it actually tasted good, the vegetarian in my life couldn’t seem to get past the name (and I even made it with soy!)

Anyway, the other night I decided to make Pasta Primavera. There was a dissagreement over the exact definition of “pasta primavera.” Actually it all started because the type I usually make includes soy sauce, which apparently isn’t very authentic. But I argued pasta primavera was simply any pasta dish with fresh vegetables, and a quick check of Wikepedia showed I was right.

I did change up my recipe a bit though, this time I made a cream sauce with fire roasted tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. It came out really good, and I wish I took a picture of it because with broccolli, asparagus and yellow peppers it looked pretty too. But I didn’t take a picture, so here is a stock image I found of “pasta primavera.”

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