Official Review: Shut up and Eat

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3848 SE Gladstone st. Portland, or 97206

Technically, Shut Up and Eat is a real live brick and mortar restaurant, but I’m counting it because it used to be a cart. I went there when it was in the Ala Carts pod and got the pork sandwich. It was crazy windy and the sandwich was giant and hard to eat, but holy shit, it was amazing. So when they opening up shop on the corner of 39th and Gladstone, I was stoked it was both in my quadrant and has indoor seating.

Obviously my first trip back I got the pork again. It’s adorned with papini, red peppers, provolone and an au jus and even inside, it’s a challenge to eat. Oh, and it’s a solid two meals. But on the second try I realized, it wasn’t really that exciting. Aside from the joy of having something to dip it in, the sandwich itself is kinda bland. But luckily, they have other sandwiches.

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Since then I’ve tried the Italian sausage, meatball, chicken parm and my new favorite, the steak and eggs. The sauce-based italian style sandwiches are good, as long as you like garlic. They love that stuff here. Again, they’re two meals, I usually ask for half to be pre-wrapped when I get them. Don’t be scared, it’s a good move, and since it’s a $9 sandwich, a sound investment as well.

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On my latest visit I got the steak and eggs, a breakfast sandwich which is served all day (yes, this place is THAT CRAZY.) It comes with greens, cheese and pickles in addition to the title ingredients and is served on a kaiser roll. This one is a one-meal sandwich and it is messy as hell, but damn it is good. However, the best part of shut up and eat? The homemade potato chips. Get them.

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