FMK: Brooke Geery, Pat Bridges and Hondo


For this edition of our most juvenile column, I’ve decided to give the pros a break and subject myself and fellow writer nerds to scrutiny. The battle of the media bosses begins now, so who would you fuck, marry or kill?

Colleen Quigley – I’d fuck Hondo, marry Brooke (but it’s probably going to end in a murder-suicide) and kill Pat. I love Pat and it would be a huge loss to snowboarding and for that I’m sorry, but I can’t have sex with him and marrying him sounds weird too.

Cory Grove – Already fucked you (heyyyyyoooo) so kill you, that’s easy. But I’m going to go with marry Hondo and fuck Pat. But at the same time, Pat has his shit together. Hmm. Long term, Bridges is marriage material so fuck Hondo, marry Bridges.

Oliver-Dixon Cider – I’d kill Brooke because Stan and I are probably the next of kin as far as taking over Yobeat goes.. Bone Hondo because I heard he doesn’t like the Cats of Anarchy and marry Bridges because he his beard game is on lock and he can probably be my sugar daddy.

Desiree – Kill Hondo and Brooke, Marry Bridges.

Peter Line – Brooke-fuck, a girl. Pat- marry, Stories for days when we get old and drink tea by the fire. Hondo-kill, Hondo will probably trip on his shoelace and kill himself by accident anyway.

Johnny Brady  – Marry Bridges, obviously, kill Hondo and fuck you.

Nick Lipton – Fuck Hondo, marry you, kill Bridges. Easy.

Andrew Brewer – Kill Brooke, Marry Bridges, Bang Hondo.

Paydn Harvey, C3 Rider Services master -I would probably fuck Bridges because he has unearthly handplants, marry Brooke for her soon to be sandwich website empire wealth, and kill Hondo because he voted for Never Summer.

Ted Borland – Kill Brooke cause Stan put me up to it, fuck Hondo and Marry Bridges.

Preston Strout – I’d marry Hondo, then fuck him and then kill him. You could do the write up and Pat could caption the photos.

  1. JP Walker

    Easy. Marry Hondo.
    Fuck Brooke cause then I can be that much closer to Kyle Clancy.
    Kill Pat cause it just seems logical.

  2. calculator

    i think everyone wants to fuck hondo, or atleast i do

  3. dylan trewin

    i would literally suck all of your dicks for the coverage.. HMU

  4. Denver

    Preston FTW

  5. Snowshoe Local

    I’d fuck all them niggas
    #NoHomoTho #sus

  6. A clever scheme to find out which young snow bro boys Brooke has a chance with.

  7. cats of anarchy

    i kill everything i fuck

  8. gimmeabreak

    Brooke and Hondo have no business being on the same list as Bridges. Ever.

  9. jeff the red haired intern

    Damn Gimmieabreak is madddddddddddddddddddddd

  10. KC KYLE

    I’d marry Brooke cause she cooked us the best meal of the winter, fuck Hondo cause he has a loose ass hole and I have a huge cock, and pat would kill him self from fear of the cock but it’s okay cause big dicks are scary.

  11. Third Person Reagan

    Reags thinks Oliver is hella funny, gotta chill with that dude someday.

  12. Brendon Rego

    I’m gay I think

  13. That’s the most flattering pic I have ever seen of Brooke and I still wouldn’t go within 100 yards of her meat sheathe.

  14. Old timer

    Never heard of any of them.

  15. Sm-akadcb what I was looking for-ty!

  16. ادمین فکری به حال ما کن اینترنت ایران که داره ملی میشه (میشه مستر سرور هم برای mw3 ساخته بشه مثل mw2 که شما درست کردید ؟

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