Stan Van Update: Guest Edition


A mere two weeks into his summer-long mission to exist in a van in Gov’y, Stan messed up a 360 on a side hit, sent it to his shoulder and broke his collarbone. Despite my explanation that collarbones are basically a useless bone and he should get a sling and head back up there, he’s too hopped up on pain killers to be of any use. Which means in order to give you, the public, the full experience this summer, I packed the van with Jared, Lemmy and Intern RJ and headed up to face the front lines myself. Here is what I discovered.

DylanThompson_DarcyBacha-640x426Dylan Thompson. photo: Darcy Bacha

1. The Brown Snow is Ok!

A lot of people have been noticing that the snow is looking awfully brown, awfully early this year. With all the gloom and doom about global warming, I wanted to set the record straight, so I asked Hood’s longest standing snowboarder, Tim Windell the deal. While yes, the brown in the snow is dirt, it’s not coming from the ground beneath the snow, rather blowing in off the nearby rocks. The windier the weather, the earlier the brown out. Tim predicts this will be an especially dirty August, so good to know if you’re into that sort of thing. And for the worrywarts like Al Gore, there’s about 180 inches of snow under the camps, so never fear, summer boarding isn’t going the way of the dinosaurs (yet.)

jakeJake Blauvelt enjoys a delicious volcano cone.

2.Pro Spottings.

As usual it’s a who’s who of snowboarding up there. If you’re into pros, the top dogs you may spot lurking right now include Jake Blauvelt (who’s nephew is also going to High Cascade), Leanne Pelosi, The Helgasons, Temple Cummins and Barrett Christy (their eldest son Colt is enjoying his second year at camp) and more. Speaking of little brats, Red Gerard and Toby Miller can be seen frequently terrorizing the streets on bicycles.


Red Gerard gets the full hook up. Everyone else gets a deal too!

3. Street Vending is fun!

We posted up the Stan-less Van with some of the new Yobeat apparel including tanks, koozies and five panels (also available here) and harassed away. When High Cascade owner Kevin English walked up I thought we were busted, but he let us continue to pedal our wares. Thanks Kevin! Based on sales, we’re pretty sure the koozies are the must have accessory for summer and people definitely want to shut up and get rad while party boarding. Look for the van up there again soon and get your own gear, or pick some up at

Colton, Jesse and Andrew on the way to make the drop.

4. RIP Drake Aron Edwards

Since July 10th was Drake’s birthday (if you don’t remember he’s the High Cascade counselor who tragically passed away in a car wreck last winter) it was only appropriate to premiere Colton Morgan’s movie D.A.E. Under Dawgs, which was made in tribute to Drake. A board signed by everyone at High Cascade and more was also presented to Drake’s brother. As for the movie, we’ll it’s tons of awesome boarding by some of your favorite up and comers. “It’s about friendship,” Colton said, but when unable to explain what the meant Jesse Gouviea chimed in. “It means, riding and filming with people because you want to, not because you have to.” The movie will be out on DVD soon eventually so the rest of the world can see. However, when asked what a DVD was Colt also had trouble explaining.

Wanna pick up babes in Govy? Get a puppy. Colleen Quiggley and Leanne Pelosi agree.

These dudes should take notes. Ben Bilocq, Johnny Brady, Ted Borland and Chris Cloud.

  1. Special K

    Well, now I know why the snow is poop colored. One less thing to worry about.

  2. Canada has white snow.

    Or you could do your base a favor and ride some North facing clean snow on Horstman Glacier.

  3. Washington Tough Guy

    Tim winddel is a piece of Shit. Its called east wind and we had some of that a couple of weeks ago. Tim has been Fucking up big time by not moving the second rope up and not having a pipe this summer. All the good features are above the rope tows too. Firing k staff just because they eat left overs too. He is a fat pile.

  4. Slowbeat

    “While yes, the brown in the snow is dirt, it’s not coming from the ground beneath the snow”
    No fucking shit.. Do people actually think that?

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