SIA 2012: Day 1

Sandwiched inconveniently in the middle of the season, SIA is happening, again. Wait, did that sound bitter? Cause I didn’t mean it that way at all. In fact, the Yobeat crew is super stoked to be back in Denver for another round of shmooze, booze and product peeks. Day one is a wrap and here’s what we learned: People are still starting new companies. PR people still think the brands they work for are revolutionizing the sport. And it’s always good to see old friends. Since I’ve already written this story a few times, I’ll just spare you much reading and let the pictures tell the rest of the details.

Brad Steward and Terry Kidwell’s combined ages top 100. And if you’re under 20, you probably don’t know who either of them are. Weird.

Windsurfing is just one of the new sports CAPiTA is taking up for 2012/13. The other, single-blading seems slightly more dangerous, so we don’t want to post a picture of it in case you try it, get hurt, and then want someone to blame.

Touch-tech is hot for 2012. This DAKINE glove will enable you to Instagram while boarding and if that’s not a selling feature, we don’t know what is.

Mikey Leblanc is trying out a new brand of professionalism this year, which is a bummer, because working in the new insulated slippers is comfortable, but not professional.

You can take Holden out of Portland, but you’ll never get the Portland out of Holden. Heart Coffee was french pressed on the spot, and Solstice Supply’s Justin Clapick was happy to indulge.

Mikey and highlights of the 2012 Holden line, most of which he described as “not ugly.”

Scotty “The Body” Connerly has a new gig with I.N.I. Cooperative,which uses materials such as hemp and has Bob Marley licensing, but isn’t about smoking weed, rather sustainability. Jah man.

Nike. Still making snowboard boots.

Boas on helmets? Yep, genius. In case you were wondering, the one-size-fits all kids Pro-Tec helmet fit me best anyway.

The big news over at Vans, socks are back for 2012! Yay, socks!

Ashbury’s got a whole damn wall of goggles now.

FUNhat co-founder and current Yobeat Brand Partnership manager Justin Parkhurst described the Coal booth as “heaven.”

Draplin’s got a Michigan Yo-Merica sticker. Do you?

The models Salomon/Bonfire hired to hang out were kinda dull.

Seattle heavy-weights Sean Tedore and Peter Line.

Did ya hear Travis Rice is on Union now? Luckily they make a binding to match every outfit he has!

Not gonna lie, the highlight of my day was getting free Chuckbuddies. You know you’re jealous.

And now for you gear nerds,  here are lots more pictures of the stuff we checked out today.

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  1. Miya

    I wish I was there. jealous

  2. damnit i want a chuck buddy.

  3. Hoss

    That Capita NAS blue is sexy.

  4. duh

    the third salomonder looks like a krooked board

  5. Benni Sigurstefansson

    New Ashbury goggles are lookin dope. Seems like they added a new model to the line

  6. fred durst

    does the 3rd salomonder in say it’s a 145?

  7. the 3rd one’s Jed A’s the 4th is Greniers with the Celtics graphics. and yeah those Ashbury bullets look legit

  8. bongo

    Salomonders: 1st is Jed’s (148cm), 2nd is (145cm), 3rd is Jed’s (154cm), and 4th is Grendy’s (156cm). They’re missing Grendy’s 151cm that has the hockey rink on the top sheet.

  9. bleh


  10. you guys all got quite the boner of a ski company’s snowboards….

  11. for*

  12. Talk Greasy

    Did I see a pair of nike boots based off the classic Jordan 3 colorway in there, sick?? get your hate on you hipster queers.

  13. brohan

    jerm works for a ski company

  14. ^idiot

  15. merOregon

    that salomonder with the basket ball top sheet is so sick

  16. billy

    where that Stepchild stuff?? shows us that.

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