Over $70 Savings at Safeway


It was the beginning of the month recently (actually less recently than when I first intended to post this, but whatever) which means — $10 off $75 coupon at Safeway! Since it’s obviously easier to score deals on crap like Hamburger Helper than food you actually eat, I always do my biggest trip during the week this is valid.

By buying things we actually needed even though they weren’t the BEST DEAL (cat food, cat litter, etc) my percentage was thrown off a bit, but I still managed to save 47% and pay $84.50 for $158 worth of stuff.

Here are a few of my best deals:

2 Jars of Prego sauce (regular price $2.29, on sale $1.69- $.50/2 MFG coupon = Paid $1.44 each)

Swanson Vegetable stock (regular price $3.99, on sale $3 – $25 store coupon – $1 mfg coupon= Paid $1.75)

1 8ct Mission Tortillas (Regular price $3.29, on sale $2.19 – $1 store coupon = paid $1.19)

Azuymaya Tofu (regular price $1.99, on sale 2/$3 – $.55 coupon = paid $.95)

Freebreeze Air Effects (Regular price $3.79, free with purchase of Duracell batteries = paid FREE)

2 Liter Dr. Pepper 10 (Regular price $2.99, on sale $1.67 – One free coupon up to $1.99 + deposit= Paid $.05)

3 16 oz Pom Wonderful Lite drinks (Regular price $2.49, on sale $1.99 or buy three for $1.49 each – 3 $1 off coupons = paid .$49 each)

I also used a Safeway doubler to save $2 more, plus got $1 for buying two jars of Barilla to use on my next order. Since apparently this blog is “inspiring others” just a heads up most of the Safeway coupons I used are in a coupon book (which came with last weeks circular) that is valid through Thanksgiving.

Sidenote: When I got home, i was tagged on Facebook that friends in Colorado had saved 58% and been paid $.01 each to take organic lemonade out of the store, making me feel less proud of my deals. However, I am going to try and make Sarah guest blog from now on.






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