Blogging About Tampons Makes Me Laugh

This couponing thing makes dealing with getting your period way easier. Tampons are expensive, and it’s clearly all part of society’s plan to keep us bitches barefoot and pregnant. But ever since I’ve discovered couponing, I’ve paid next to nothing for the pleasure of bleeding every month, and that, my friends, is great! So screw you glass ceiling, society and all that junk, I am woman, hear me roar!

Ok, but seriously, I saved 60% at Safeway last night. I got:

2 Boxes of Kotex Tampons (Regular price $6.98, on sale 2/$5 – $1.50/2 coupon – Safeway doubler ($.50) = Paid $3.00, plus got $2 cat for next time!)

1 Smart Balance Peanut Butter (Regular price $.540, on sale $2.50 – $.75 coupon – $.50 doubler = Paid $1.25)

1 Bag on spinach. ($1.29, not on sale, but needed for dinner)

Paid $5.54 for $13.76 worth of stuff, plus got $2 back.


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