Morning Mission to Walgreens

Our TP supplies were getting low, so imagine my joy when I heard about this deal going on a Walgreens! Buy two 12-packs of Cottonelle Ultra and get $3 back. I stopped by this morning to do it because it’s Friday, and I wake up ridiculously early, and really, why not. We also needed body wash, so I figured I could use the $3 to go towards that. I did two transactions and here’s the breakdown:

Transaction #1:

2 12-Packs of Cottonelle. (Regular price $5 each- $1 Walgreens coupon – (1) $.75 off MFG coupon — I had two, but using both would have required a filler item= Paid $7.25, got back $3 RR)

Transaction #2:

2 Soft Soap Body Washes (Regular price $4.99 – $2 Walgreens coupon – $3 register reward = paid $3)

The nice young man at the cash register was really excited about my wallet, distracting me slightly, and after I left I realized I forgot to give him my Rewards Card, which would have made that Body wash a WAY better deal (it was on sale 2 for $4) but sometimes, shit happens. Good thing I have lots of toilet paper now.

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