Couponing Takes Time Dammit

I’ve been slacking/failing at couponing lately. You see, I’ve been actually busy. Not the kind of busy where you’re not doing shit but you just tell people you’re busy because you don’t feel like doing anything, but legitimately working from dark to dark, barely sleeping, busy. It’s good, I like it. However, the one thing that has suffered is my couponing. I’ve still been getting the inserts (I actually subscribed to the Saver edition of the Oregonian) and I got the new intern to help me clip and organize last weekend, but I’ve barely been shopping at all. As a result, my coupon folder is bursting at the seams, and the stock pile is dwindling, but I suppose that’s ok.

Never fear though, I’m not blogging just to make excuses, I have gotten a few recent deals to share!

2 Bottles of Kraft Salad dressing, on sale 2/$4 – $1/2 coupon – .50 safeway doubler = $.75 each

2 Boxes of Barillia Whole Grain Paste, on sale $1 – $.55 coupon – .45 safeway doubler = FREE!

This trip I took advantage of Safeway’s Mix and Match sale, where you saved $.50 per item if you bought any 8 or more. Total here was $33.59 with $25.01 saved or 43% savings. A couple of the best deals:

Knorr Stock, on sale $2.99 – $2 coupon – $.50 Safeway doubler = $.49

6 packs Trident Gum, buy one, get one free. Regular price $1.39 so 2 for $1/39- 2 $1/3 coupon – 2 safeway doublers ($1) = $.11 (I think, that’s complicated math, dammit)

In other news, the new season of Extreme Couponing starts tonight! The hardcore couponers are super bummed cause it means more cleared shelves, and Jared is bummed cause he hates it, but I personally can’t wait. Tonight at 10 on TLC!

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