Friday Night at Walgreens!

I really went wild on my Friday night. I had a prescription to pick up and thought, this would be a great opportunity to score some deals while I am there! I also have been slacking and my coupon collection is bursting out its accordion file because I haven’t been using them fast enough.

I sort of hate the Walgreens on 39th and Holgate for actual shopping (it’s small, cramped and usually cleaned out) I figured I’d cross my fingers and hope for the best. To my surprise, everything I wanted was in stock, and although the deals weren’t quite as sweet as they would have been if we got Register Rewards in Portland instead of stupid points, I did alright. I saved a total of $16.37, paying $12.48 out of pocket and got:

2 18 packs of Playtex Tampons (Regular $5.25, On sale $4 – 1 $1 mfg coupon and 1 $2 MFG coupon = $2.75 each)

1 Ricola Cough Drops (Regular $2.29, on sale $1.29 – $.75 MFG coupon – $.50 Wags coupon = $.04)

2 Packages Chex Mix (Regular $3.19, on sale $.99 – $.50/2 MFG coupon = $.75 each)

1 8 pack Energizer Max Batteries (Regular $8.99, on sale $5.99 – $1 MFG coupon = $4.99)

1 Travel size Eucerin Lotion ($.99, filler item so I could use two coupons on the cough drops)

Not bad for spur of the moment, and since it’s apparently raining today, looks like I have nothing better to do than score more deals. Also, special shout out to the Dude Barn for scoring a 13-week free subscription to the Oregonian and letting me pillage their coupons yesterday!

  1. Hey there! Your couponing blog is funny! I loovvve couponing and use to do it tons. But now I have a 1 year old and I have gotten lazy about it. Plus it’s hard when the shelves clear real fast and my exact deal doesn’t work out. Do you ever post what your coupons are and what insert you found it in? Thanks!

  2. Brooke

    Thanks Kendra! I don’t really have time/energy to break down all the inserts and stuff (I also don’t keep track) but I basically figure out all my deals either on or and they are great about it.

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